Falcon Valves & Flanges Pvt Ltd

Quality Assurance

From first day, Falcon has taken the lead in product, service and process improvements. We have evolved as one of the best valve manufacturer in cast and forged steel valves for medium and high temperature and pressure services. 


Falcon’s quality management system is modelled over the strict requirements of ISO 9001.


Falcon Maintains these high quality policies to ensure our products meet or exceed :

  • Conformance to Customer Requirements
  • Quality Defect Free Product
  • On Time Delivery
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Continual Improvement


Our quality program touches on every aspect of the work process.

  • Sales
  • Machine Shop
  • Parts Control
  • Assembly Shop
  • Testing
  • Quality Control
  • Painting
  • Shipping & Receiving


Processes are strictly monitored to assure that each valves and flanges meets industry standard.

Common valve types and their related test standards followed by us

Valve type Common test standard
Gates, globes and checks API 598
Cast Iron gates API 598, MSS SP-70*
Bronze gates, globes and checks MSS SP-80*
Pressure seal valves ASME B16.34*
Steel valves larger than NPS 24” ASME B16.34*
Pipeline valves API 6D*
Cast iron globes API 598, MSS SP-85*
Cast iron checks API 598, MSS SP-71*
Cast iron plugs API 598, MSS SP-78*
Steel ball valves API 598
Steel butterfly valves API 598
Cryogenic valves BS 6364, API 598
Pressure relief valves ASME PTC 25, API 527
Control valves ISA-S75, FCI 70-2